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Why Provide Language Training to Workers?

Immigrant workers are a fundamental part of the workforce, especially in the manufacturing, health care, hospitality, engineering and technology sectors. Yet U.S. businesses that hire foreign-born workers for their professional knowledge and skills often find that their full talents are underutilized and their productivity is limited by their limited English language proficiency.

What Makes an Effective Workforce Language Training Program?

Among the key findings of a study by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Association of Manufacturers, workplace language instruction is in great need in many sectors of the U.S. economy, and the training should be --

  • customized to the workers’ and the businesses’ needs,
  • tied to work and skill development,
  • a scalable and sustained strategy, and
  • part of a firm’s business model.

The report also found that the most effective workforce language instruction is delivered on-site and on-the-clock.

This model is already widespread in the E.U. and Asia, where governments recognize the need and subsidize businesses’ workforce language training.

Why Work with Us?

The Bachson workforce language training program is a new venture, but our team has many years of experience specifically in the field of workforce language instruction. Our instructors and curriculum development team have created and delivered customized courses for engineers, factory workers, pharmacists, doctors, accountants, telecom workers, software developers, architects and construction project managers, NGOs, journalists, government workers, bilingual teachers, university faculty, and
executives in multinational companies.

How Does It Work?

  • We work with your managers or training team to develop custom curriculum to meet your workers’ language needs while simultaneously developing specific job-related skills.
  • We develop curriculum aligned to international language proficiency standards (essential for scalability, measurement of effectiveness, and if you are looking for grant money) and provide ongoing evaluation and progress reporting to ensure the quality and effectiveness of instruction.
  • We provide language instructors with expertise in adult language training, professional language training experience, a business background, and whenever possible, with specialized knowledge or background in your sector and/or in the courses’ targeted professional skill set.
  • We provide classes on-site at your location, at our location at Assumption College, in Worcester, MA, or in another location that is convenient to your employees.
  • We also provide courses and specialized one-off workshops via live online web-conferencing.

For more information, contact Jennifer Martin: or telephone 857-498-5430.

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