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At Bachson, we create the Sheltered English language Program that can fit at your school. This program is designed to instruct the students in the curriculum of the school but also increase students’ English Language Proficiency.

We perform a needs analysis, where we review the current curriculum that is offered at your school and prepare a sheltered English language curriculum that is in alignment with what is offered. The curriculum will include several subject areas depending on what the schools’ priorities are. Subject areas that work well for sheltered English programs are Math’s, History, Social Science, Geography, The Sciences, Religion, Music and Art.

The sheltered program fits into the schools’ class rotation schedule and students can stay in the sheltered program for one semester or two depending on their language proficiency needs. Students can participate in after school programs at the school, gym class, art programs or music programs offered on campus. Students are fully enrolled students of the school, and the sheltered English classes are taught by ESL qualified teachers. Students should take at least two classes in the school’s main curriculum classes and should only take up to five classes in the Sheltered English Program.