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Bloomington Christian High School (BCHS) is located in the heart of Bloomington, CA, located one hour North East of Los Angeles, CA. Centrally located right off the 10 freeway at Cedar Avenue

This school serves students from preschool to twelfth grade. Through strong academic curriculum and stimulating extracurricular activities, BCHS students are offered a variety of classes, clubs, sports and activities to encourage strong student engagement.

At Bloomington, Bachson provides the sheltered English Language classes for the incoming non-native English speaking students. The students participate in classes with other international students. They participate in classes in the school, engage in after school activities and clubs in the school and socialize at lunch time, breaks and other activities with other students.

The sheltered English language program at BCHS uses the curriculum of BCHS to ensure that the students are learning content as well as increasing their language proficiency so that the students make significant academic progress all throughout the year.


Bloomington Christian School works closely with Grand Canyon University to offer our students to enroll and complete real college courses while still in high school. Qualified sophomores, juniors, and seniors can earn transferable college credit and quick start their university experience. Grand Canyon University also offers Bloomington Christian School graduates competitive scholarships that allow our students a chance to continue their education at an affordable Christian university.


We have highly qualified, credentialed faculty members on both campuses who are dedicated to help each student achieve their academic goals. Through a focused, individualized approach to education that assesses unique learning styles and abilities for students with different learning needs. In our resource program, we strive to engage students by using all three learning modalities, (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) to make academic content accessible.


Every faculty member at Bloomington Christian has open enrichment hours scheduled throughout the week at no charge for students. Whether they need clarification on an assignment or extra attention for the subject, students have access to the personal assistance that is often needed throughout the school year.

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