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With many years of teaching experience, Bachson has developed two key components of international education.

Student English Proficiency Testing

The first is a fully online English placement test that evaluates writing, listening comprehension, grammar use and reading comprehension. This test is used for all Bachson students as an initial placement test and as an evaluation test to assess students throughout the year.

Many of our partner schools that house the Sheltered English Language program use this online test for their incoming non-native English speaking students who are not Bachson students.
Equivalency tables are available for this test.

For more information please email the executive director, Madeleine Monaghan Golda.

Global Ambassador Training Program

The Global Ambassador Program was written by the Executive Director of Bachson Academy and is designed to be delivered to domestic US students. This domestic student training program is dedicated to instructing the US students on issues regarding global cultures, language acquisition, quirks of languages, understanding cognitive biases, developing mainstream values, learning style evaluation and understanding international classrooms.

This year long program will allow the US student to develop cultural competencies and enhance their skill sets to allow them to develop meaningful relationships with international students and advocate for the international presence on their school campus.

There are ten chapters in this program. This can be taught by a teacher at the school in twenty 45-minute sessions. The training program includes the PowerPoint slide presentations, teachers’ guidelines, homework assignments and rubrics. Partner schools who have used this program

For more information please email the executive director, Madeleine Monaghan Golda.