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Domestic student training program dedicated to instructing the US student on issues regarding global cultures, understanding cognitive biases, developing mainstream values, learning style evaluation and understanding international classrooms. This year long program will allow the US student to developing cultural competency and enhance their skill sets to allow them to develop meaningful relationships with international students and advocate for the international presence on their school campus. This course is best taught over a period of 8 months where the US students are taught for a 90-minute block of time once per month.

Global Ambassador Program

Students need the tools to understand each other. Building bridges across cultures does not happen organically. If students from dierent cultures are put in the same room, they will naturally congregate toward the people that look, act and talk like them. People are naturally designed to cluster together in their own cultural groups. EduBoston has developed and created this entire program so that partner schools have additional resources to use in their schools.

In this course EduBoston covers aspects of the cultural divide that can aect schools and oer teachers and sta resources and exercises that will enlighten the domestic student population. The EduBoston partner schools are trained to teach this program to American students. The teachers are given the classroom resources, all teaching materi-als, homework assignments and rubrics to use in the International cultural classroom with a select few American students.

EduBoston prides itself in oering this additional program to partner schools to allow them to work directly with American students in the classroom.

Topics Covered: Cultural Competency Skills

● Linguistics, languages and what it all means.
● Quirks of languages - Russian, English, Chinese.
● Idioms and Paralinguistic features in our languages.
● Cultural Mainstream Values
● Classroom Cultural dierences
● The art of Smiling
● Phases of cultural adjustment
● Masking techniques
● Learning Styles
● Relationships
● International Academics & Curriculum
● Hosting an International Student